Single Leg Squats – Strong, Lean Legs

Single Leg Squat - Strong Lean LegsSingle leg squats are challenging. They require a lot of strength, balance and coordination. The payoff for mastering the exercise is strong legs and great movement patterns to help prevent injury. Hold on to something if you need to, but try to do this exercise free standing.

The One-Day Challenge

To conquer today’s challenge, follow along with us in the video to complete your single leg squats.

Gold Medal – Complete the video 5 times.

Silver Medal – Complete the video 3 times.

Bronze Medal – Complete the video 2 times.

Pass the Challenge – Complete the video once.

We’re Excited for You

If you’re doing the 30-Day Exercise-a-Day Challenge, we’re so happy you’ve joined us! It’s not too late to join the challenge if you haven’t already.

You’re not alone. We and the Fit Body Full Life community are doing this challenge with you!

We’d love to hear how you’re doing and what you’ve enjoyed so far. Join us daily here on our blog, on YouTube, and on our Fit Body Full Life Facebook Page!

Be sure to check out our original 30-Day Exercise-a-Day Challenge post for a list of all our 30-Day Exercise-a-Day Challenge posts.

We recommend checking with your physician before making any changes to your exercise routine or diet.


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