Staying Healthy During Celebration Visits

Staying Healthy During Celebration VisitsWeek 24: Staying Healthy During Celebration Visits

This is going to be a fun and very busy week! My parents arrive this week and it’s exciting to be able to celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary with them! Tom and I have started vegetable juicing more again, too. Read on below to see how my week went.

Sunday, May 5th:

Today I attended the Stott Pilates Stabiility Ball and Foam Roller workshops for continuing education. So, my workout consisted of 4 hours of Pilates!

I had lunch with my good friend, Cookie, at True Food, which was lovely! Then I spent the evening with Tom, relaxing and also doing some work on my next fitness product.

Tom and I watched the documentary Hungry for Change in the evening. We really enjoyed it, and it was an interesting reminder about healthy eating. It made me feel good about the experiment and continuing to eat healthy for life.

Day 162 complete. I enjoyed some great Pilates workshops!

Monday, May 6th:

After work and a nap in the morning, I did a cardio workout. I did 25 minutes of cardio + I swam laps in the evening + full-body stretching.

We had a couple of homemade vegetable juices during the day. It felt great to drink fresh juice!

After work in the evening, Tom and I took care of some necessities before going to eat at Basil Thai Bistro. We also did hot and cold therapy using the hot tub and pool later.

I did some writing and work on my next fitness product, too!

Day 163 complete. It was a good, busy day!

Tuesday, May 7th:

Today is my off day for workouts, as I decided to work out last Saturday instead.

Tom and I went to Peace Pies for lunch, which is a raw food restaurant. Everything there is gluten free and vegan. We had the vegetable juice to start, and the main was ravioli and mango vegetable wrap. They even had a dessert, the lemon bar, that was sugar free and only sweetened with dates. It was an excellent meal. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

We also watched a documentary about vegan nutrition. In the evening, my mom and dad arrived and we spent the evening with them!

Day 164 complete. I had an awesome day with family!

Wednesday, May 8th:

I started my day off with an  INSANITY workout. I did the Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance (approximately 40 minutes of intense power and cardio work) + 10 minutes full-body stretching on the Power Plate.

I had a homemade vegetable juice with whey and berries for breakfast. Yummy and healthy.

I spent some time with mom on the balcony working online and went to lunch with Will, Mom, and Dad, as Tom and Chea were at work.

After working until 8:15pm, we spent some more time together. I also did some work on my next fitness product.

Day 165 complete. It’s great having my parents in town!

Thursday, May 9th:

In the morning, I did my workout. I did my 60-minute strength workout creation (strength exercises on the Power Plate, walking while doing arm exercises, and abdominal work) + 10-minute full-body stretching on the Power Plate.

I had a couple of homemade vegetable juices today. I’m loving the juicing.

Tom and I met my parents at Fashion Valley mall today and had lunch at True Food. True Food is a restaurant that has quite a lot of vegan and gluten-free options.

Day 166 complete. Vegetable juice is awesome!

Friday, May 10th:

After work in the morning, I did an Insanity workout. I did the Insanity Cardio Abs + 10 minutes full-body stretching on the Power Plate. I really enjoy the Cardio Abs workout. I feel it’s a well-done workout targeting the core.

After work, we all (Will, Chea, Mom, Dad, Tom, and I) met up for dinner at Veg-N-Out, another restaurant that’s super for gluten-free and vegan options. We then had an awesome night at The Comedy Store, a comedy club in La Jolla!

Today is my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary! Congratulations, Mom and Dad! You are my inspiration!

Day 167 complete. Congratulations to my parents on their 38th wedding anniversary!

Saturday, May 11th:

Today I started my day off with a TurboFire workout. I did TurboFire HIIT 15 Class + 10 minutes full-body stretching on the PowerPlate.

After finishing work, I did some work on my fitness product. Then Chea and I spent some time together before going to Fashion Valley with my mom. Then my dad and Tom met us there for dinner at True Food. We watched This Is 40 at home later.

Day 168 complete. It was another fun day!

It’s exciting to have another successful week and to be near the completion of 6 months! It was tricky sometimes eating out a lot this week, but I always managed to stay true to my diet. It is still tough when others are having desserts or food that I loved in the past, but it feels great to be healthy. I felt healthier still having more homemade vegetable juice this week!

Yay! I’ve completed my 24th week out of 26 weeks!

Be sure to check out my original 6-Month Nutrition and Fitness Experiment post for a list of all my posts and recipes!

My own variation of a sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free vegetarian diet:

Sugar-free consists of no sugar, sugar substitutes, honey, or other equivalent except for a small amount of preferably natural sweetener that is already in a product such as bread or whey protein.

Dairy-free includes a few exceptions. I’m including whey protein. I also have times of experimenting with Greek yogurt and regular yogurt to see if they are beneficial to me. In addition, I include eggs in my diet, which is a variation from a vegan diet.

Gluten-free also includes a few exceptions. I include Ezekiel Bread or sprouted bread, which is close to gluten-free in how it’s digested but not actually gluten-free. Some gluten-free plans say oats are fine and some do not. I include oats in my plan.

My fitness plan:

My exercise consists of workouts 6 days per week. The only exception can be if I do an additional workout on a day to count for one of the days or on a recovery week every few months.

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