5 Tricks for Holiday Season Workouts

Are you struggling to get your workouts in? Are the holidays taking up all your spare time and your workouts getting pushed out? Help is on the way! Here are 5 tricks for getting holiday season workouts in no matter what!

5 Tricks for Holiday Season WorkoutsYou’re So Busy

The holidays are such a busy time of the year! I know you already are very busy to start with. Then, put the holidays into the picture … where can you find the time?!?! I’m right there with you! It’s tough to find enough time in the day. Guess what, though? When you work out, you have more energy and usually things take a little less time! So, by working out you will feel better, and it can give you a little extra time in the process!

5 Tricks to Get You Moving

1. Schedule your workout! If you schedule your workout into your calendar, you are less likely to miss it. Treat it just like you would an important appointment that you wouldn’t miss or reschedule.

Also, it can be fun to schedule your workout with a friend. Then you can both get workouts in and catch up at the same time! Sometimes it’s hard to meet up with the holidays being such a busy time. Two in one! 🙂

2. Shorten your workouts! It’s OK to do shorter workouts. Any workout is better than no workout! You can do one or even a couple of shorter workouts spread out throughout the day. Try out these shorter workouts this holiday season:

Ten 5-Minute Workouts

Ten 10-Minute Workouts

Ten 15-Minute Workouts

Ten 20-Minute Workouts

3. Drink your vegetable juice in the morning! If you drink your juice early, it will help you want to be healthier throughout the day. This can result in wanting to eat healthier and be more active. Try these awesome juice recipes:

Juice Recipe: Kale Citrus Crush

Ginger Carrot Zinger Juice Recipe

Easy Greeny Juice Recipe

Raw Red Power Juice Recipe

4. Just start your workout! If you start working out, soon enough you will be into it and probably will want to keep working out. Set a minimum amount of time for your workout where you can finish or keep going. Once you reach your minimum time, you can cool down if you aren’t into the workout. The great thing is that you will have done a workout either way.

5. Plan your workout! Sometimes one of the hardest things in starting your workout for the day is knowing what to do. If you plan what workout you will do the day, week or month before, then all you have to do is set your timer and do your planned workout. We have lots of workouts to help you out! Here are lots of workouts to get you going:

Fit Body Full Life Fitness

Dance Workouts with Christina

Workouts for Couples and Friends

Fitness for Kids

You can also check out our YouTube videos for more ideas!

30 Days of Healthy for the Holidays Challenge

This is day twelve of the 30 Days of Healthy for the Holidays Challenge! Remember to drink a glass of vegetable juice (or vegetable/fruit juice) and do some activity today! Check out our YouTube channel for lots of fun fitness ideas!

Here’s the first post and all about the challenge: 30-Day Healthy for the Holidays Challenge. (Note: You can start the 30-day challenge any time!)

Holiday Season Workouts

Are you finding it tough to get your workouts in this holiday season? What workouts are you doing most?

Have fun with it! We create all of our workouts to make working out fun and effective! Choose a workout you enjoy, and do it. 🙂

Join in the fun and use the hashtags #FBFLHealthyHolidays and #FBFL to update on your progress, say when you’ve had your juice, done your workout for the day, and just any inspiration you want to share!

We’d love to read your comments, see your photos, and chat with you on social media!


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