10 Ways to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

Are you worried about staying fit and healthy this holiday season? Do you always find the scales moving up a few pounds or more this time of year? Are you really looking forward to the holidays but worried you will lose the body you’ve been working towards all year?

These are only a few of the health-related worries that are often associated with the holiday season. Sometimes you may decide to be “good”, sometimes not. But why do you have to be good or bad? Why can’t it be good mostly … while enjoying the season and some of the sweet treats that go with it?! Here are some tips to help you maintain the hard work you’ve been putting in all year and still enjoy the holiday season!

1. Take a walk. Depending on where you live, the cool breeze can be refreshing and rejuvenating, along with the added health benefits involved in walking.

2. Dance to your favorite CD. Dancing is a great way to burn calories, move your body, and enjoy yourself! You could also go to a dance class or classes. Choose you favorite dance style and work your body this holiday season. Oh yeah. 🙂

3. Work out while watching Christmas movies. I always love watching Christmas films this time of year. You can work out while watching movies or TV. To get the most out of your workout, decide what it will be beforehand. Your workout will be finished before you know it!

4. Play Wii Fit with family, friends or on your own. Try to set a goal at the beginning of December and meet it by January 1st. It doesn’t have to be a big goal – it could even be to beat certain Wii Fit games. Whatever your goal is, it means you will have more motivation to be active!

5. Play an active game with your family. Why not bring out the classic game of Twister? You could play an active type of board game, play a classic board game with your own active rules, or play something like Hide and Seek (but a Hide and Seek where you have to keep moving, which makes it harder).

6. Take a skiing trip.  Go skiing for the day, weekend or even week. Skiing is a great way to keep fit. Do be aware of how much you have to drink and eat on the slopes though, and don’t drink and ski!

7. Go ice skating. That sounds like an obvious tip coming from me. Lol! It can be great fun to go with family and friends. Try to have a goal of a certain number of times you want to go around the rink before you finish your session.

8. Do a workout the same day or definitely the day after you’ve eaten something a bit “naughty.” It’s easy to eat something not so healthy and then feel lethargic – and not feel like working out. This cycle turns into a day, then 3 days, and maybe more. Break the cycle this holiday season. Work out that same day of eating not so healthy. If you can’t manage working out the same day, plan a workout for the next day. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a super long workout – just make sure you move your body!

9. Wait in between courses or even second helpings. At holiday gatherings, it is easy to eat and eat and eat . . .! Try to wait at least 15 minutes between helpings or courses. This way you will know how full you really are and can more easily reduce your calorie intake. 

10. Drink water and eat those 5 fruits and vegetables. When you start to treat yourself, it is easy to leave out the water, fruits, and vegetables. However, having lots of water, fruits, and vegetables when indulging is even more important than normal. You need vitamins and nutrients.

Also, water helps to flush out those naughty treats. Try to drink water between any alcoholic drinks consumed. Try eating fruit when you feel like eating sweets. It can help to reduce the amount of sweets you eat during the holidays. Plus, by following this tip you will feel better during the holidays!

Try a few or try all of the tips this holiday season. Have fun staying active, and just think about how good you’ll feel in the New Year because of it! Enjoy this season being active and feeling good! I’d love to hear how you enjoy keeping fit over the holidays!

December Break

Tom and I are in the process of moving, so we’re taking December off from publishing blog posts. We’ll check in to respond to comments, and we’ll have new posts at the beginning of 2011! From both of us, have a wonderful holiday season!

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